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International Presence

Onze Livre BV’s main activity is focused in Europe, the Mediterranean region, Middle East and Africa.

We are operating today in more than ten countries, and more countries are becoming aware of Onze Livre BV’s high quality products as well as of our in depth knowledge regarding the application of low residue crop protocols. The growing international demand is encouraging us to increase our presence in EU export markets, which is currently our largest area of expansion.


Onze Livre BV’s effort in meeting the growers needs in countries where we operate is constantly increasing. We take special care in training local technicians, carrying out specific studies adapted to geographic conditions, improving local product distribution networks, and more.


Dutch Legacy

The Netherlands has a long and significant history in the Agriculture sector. It has been one of the most important sectors in the country even before the Netherlands has been independent and officially named as the Netherlands.

Today the Netherlands takes the second place ­ right after the United States when it comes to export of agricultural products. This is an extraordinary achievement for such a small country. The greenhouse agriculture of the Netherlands represents almost 50% of the European capacity. Of course the Netherlands is also well-known for cultivation of flower bulbs and is the biggest supplier of Tulip bulbs for Europe and North America.

The Netherlands is also recognized for its progressiveness in the production methods. The entrepreneurship, knowledge and productivity in Dutch agriculture are of global excellence. Furthermore the motivation in the Netherlands to develop and innovate agriculture with respect for people, animals and the environment in order to enhance sustainability is unmatched. The Netherlands is renowned for its contribution to agriculture worldwide.

Onze Livre BV is proud to be a Dutch entity and strives to pursue business with the same core values that honour the Dutch legacy. Onze Livre BV appreciates the importance of development along with the need to preserve the environment and to provide healthier crops. Our aim is to provide new products offering advantage and innovation as well as high quality service and technical support.

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